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Table 1 Pilot study participants input regarding the strengths and areas for improvement of the eAEROBICS program categorized into 3 dimensions of the Demand Driven Learning Model

From: Development of a digital learning program for physiotherapists to enhance clinical implementation of aerobic exercise in stroke rehabilitation

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Strengths of the eAEROBICS Program
Participation in this pilot has helped me to increase the participation of some stroke patients in aerobic exercises. 002 I liked that I was able to move back in the slides to review information at any time, including during a quiz. 001 Providing immediate feedback on responses to quiz questions aided learning. 005
Tables summarizing the content were excellent. 004 Slides were clear and easy to read. 005 I liked the links throughout the module to various resources that supplemented the information in the slides. 005
Module content was relevant to practice.
Second module was a good review 003
Quizzes to assess understanding were beneficial 001  
I like the attention given to behaviour modification.”
…behaviour modification section was really helpful, as this is a common issue we deal with in practice. 004
Introductory videos and audio from the subject matter experts were helpful learning tools. 002  
Section on motivational interviewing was very interesting! 003 Video footage of cases made learning more life-like and applicable. 005  
The demo video was helpful 001 The graphics are used effectively to highlight key information 005  
Case studies were effective at pulling the information together and reviewing the tools and information 005 I found the course content well laid out and easy to follow. 005  
Areas for improvement of the eAEROBICS Program
Practical issues such as how to access exercise stress tests should be addressed. 002 The process of how to navigate through the modules should be made more evident. 004 A paper manual as a reference guide would be a useful addition. 004
Additional resources (e.g., workshops, hands-on practical sessions) would help to reinforce the content of eAEROBICS. 004 A progress bar should be added to indicate how far along the learner is in terms of module completion. 003 There was a time delay in receiving responses to email inquiries. 005
I found the introductory piece very lengthy.
As an experienced clinician, the behaviour module was not useful. 004
A pop-up option should be added to provide formulae to assist in answering quiz questions that involve calculations. 003 More technical support is needed to respond to requests for assistance.
  Volume of various video clips was not consistent. 005 Missed having a mechanism to ask questions 004
The formulas for HRR were a little more complex and could have had more examples of calculation. 003 Pace of narration (voiceover) was too slow at times. 005 Is it possible just to get an email/ certificate or something specifying participation in your research that can then go into my portfolio? 004