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Table 1 (abstract P48). Psychometric properties of the patient reported outcome measures validated in Italian subjects with non-specific neck pain

From: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference AIFI 2017. Therapeutic Exercise: Foundations, Evidences and Clinical Reasoning in Physiotherapy Practice

Outcome measure Dimensionality Internal consistency Reliability Validity Responsiveness
Distribution-based methods Anchor-based methods
Neck Disability Index 2 factors: activity of daily living (F#1), pain and concentration (F#2) Total: α=.84
F#1: α=.82
F#2: α=.72
ICC=.85 (95%CI.78-.89)
F#1: ICC=.81
(95%CI .73-.87)
F#2: ICC=.83
(95%CI .76-.88)
rs=.69 NPDS
rs=.55 HADS-D
rs=.44 NRS
rs=.42 HADS-A
MDC= 3 points
F#1: MDC=1
F#2: MDC=1
MCID=3.5 points
AUC=.96 (spec .81; sens .98)
Neck Pain and Disability Scale 3 factors: neck dysfunction related to general activities (F#1), neck pain and cognitive-behavioral aspects (F#2), neck dysfunction related to activities of the cervical spine (F#3) Total: α=.94
F#1: α=.92
F#2: α =.86
F#3: α =.89
Total NPDS: rs=.91
F#1: rs=.89
F#2: rs=.93
F#3: rs=.92
rP=-.47 SF-36
rP=-.45 to -.17 SF-36 subscales
ES= .73
MCID=10 points
AUC= .91
(Sens .93; Spec .83)
Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire 2 factors: pain & functioning (F#1); anxiety & depression (F#2) Total: α=.89 (95%CI.84-92)
F#1: α=.88
F#2:α=.90 (95%CI.86-94)
Not studied r=.67-.70 NPDS
r=.63-.73 NRS
Not studied MCID=5.5 points
AUC=.72 (Sens. 75%; Spec. 60%)
Core Outcome Measure Index for neck pain Not studied Not studied ICC=.87
(95%CI .81-.91)
Pain: rp=.45 NRS
Pain: rp=.48 NPDS
Function: rp=.49-.55 NPDS
QoL: rp=-.44 EQ-5D
Disability: rp=.45-.48 NPDS
MDC= 1.8/10 points
SEM=.65/10 points
SRM= 1.23
AUC: .73 (.62-.85) (Sens=.55; Spec=.88)
NeckPix® 1 factor α=.95 ICC=.98
(95% CI .97-.98)
rp=.76 TSK
rp=.58 PCS
rp=.52 NDI
rp=.45 NRS
Not studied Not studied
  1. Legend: ICC: Intraclass Correlation Coefficient; CI: Confident Interval; rs: Spearman’s Correlation Coefficient; NPDS: Neck Pain Disability Scale; HADS-D: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale of Depression; NRS: Numerical Rating Scale; HADS-A: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale of Anxiety; MDC: Minimal Detectable Change; ES: Effect Size; SRM: Standardized Response Mean; GRI: Guyatt’s Responsiveness Index; MCID: Minimal Clinical Important Difference; AUC: Area Under the Curve; Sens: Sensibility; Spec: Specificity; SF-36: Short Form-36; r: Correlation Coefficient; EQ-5D: Euroqol 5-Dimensions; SEM: Standard Error of Measurement; TSK: Tampa Scale of Kinesiofobia; NDI: Neck Disability Index